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We feel confident that you will find all the information you need to decide whether Pilates is for you and if Olney Pilates Studio is right for you. We offer an extensive range of classes with top quality teachers and feel sure there is something for everyone.

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The Olney Pilates Studio is located just off the market place. The Galleries sit between the main Olney High Street and the Co-op supermarket. Reception is upstairs and it’s entrance is in the passageway to the Kasbah Restaurant.


Opened in Feb 2011 after being redeveloped into a purpose built Pilates Studio with Mat and Studio rooms.



9am – 9.15pm
9am – 8.30pm
9am – 9pm
8.30am – 9.15pm
10am – 7.30pm
9am – 1pm
5pm – 6.15pm
Natasha H, Olney – Pilates has made me taller!! Well that’s how it feels, its great for creating a lean, long and trimmer body. I love the classic mat routines, and the reformer machines available at Olney Pilates Studio. The work has really strengthened not only my core but my whole body, improved my horse riding, and increased my flexibility and given me a better posture. To tone your body fast, there is nothing quicker than Pilates, you will notice the difference within weeks if you stick to mat based routines and if combined with a cardiovascular activity – then the weight lose ( if needed) will follow.
Pat P, Milton Keynes – I have been going to Pilates for 18 months following 2 hip replacements, and ongoing back problems. Requiring Epidural Cortisone injections, since joining Heather I have needed any injections for my back at all, and it has strengthened my legs after the operations.
Stuart W – I can’t believe we enter our 11th year together! Finding Pilates has rescued my life at the time and now keeps my back ticking over so there is little I can’t do these days. Your enthusiasm, passion, thirst for knowledge, curiosity, sense of fun and laughter combined with a desire to get the best out of your classes make you a joy to study under.
Chris R – After many years of back pain and visits to an Osteopath, I started Pilates. Within a short time I found my back was so much stronger and the osteopath hasn’t been needed since! My improvement is a response to Heather’s excellent teaching methods. She is thoughtful and caring to all her clients whatever their age or physical problems. Her enthusiasm for Pilates is infectious and she encourages us by her excellent example. She is a first rate teacher!
Tricia, Bedfordshire – I owe my current mobility and fitness to Heather and one-to-one Body Control Pilates sessions. Having slipped a disc, been offered surgery and lost a lot of muscle tone through pain, leg numbness and immobility I got myself to a point where I could walk again (but badly). That was about April 2011. I had been offered surgery in July but Heather said if I could lie down and get up again we could start working on a more natural, holistic solution. That sounded just about manageable at the time, although slightly scary. I was allowed to delay my operation until October and have another review. By the time October came round I had gone past the point at which a back operation would do anything to improve matters. It has been a year now and I’m in pretty good shape. My foot is still a bit numb from nerve damage and not up to full strength yet, but I am making constant improvement. I love the sessions. The exercises have been targeted at my weak areas and I’m delighted to say that there aren’t that many of them now. Heather has an instinct for how much she can expect of you and her cheerful encouragement is a real tonic. I’m strong enough to work full-time as a teacher, go dog walking, do light gardening and have a full social life. I think if I’d started Pilates sooner I might not have done the damage in the first place. Thanks Heather!
Shirley, Northampton – I have suffered with painful feet and stiffness for over two years. Discovering Pilates with Heather has been a life saver. I have and would recommend Pilates with Heather and her team – they really are a “Dream Team”. Professional, warm and caring. I cannot believe how much better I feel.
Fran R, Bedfordshire – Three years ago I started my journey of rehabilitation after years of chronic low back pain and an unstable pelvis. I was in a vicious circle of pain preventing exercise and inactivity making me weaker. Surgery was not an option although at that point I would have considered having my pelvis nailed together as I was very limited in movement and couldn’t remember when I had had a full night’s sleep . Instead, I had the pain removed by frying the nerves (not for the faint-hearted) and thus I was given the chance to strengthen my exceedingly feeble core muscles. The effect of the procedure would last about 12-18 months, so, relatively pain free I started pilates in a weekly class with Angie and a weekly personal session with Heather. With a lot of hard work from my teachers, physiotherapist and myself, I have turned myself around and I have got stronger, regained my position sense and my back/pelvis has stabilised – I even can do the gardening now, if I am sensible. I still need tweaking from time to time as my aged carcass lapses easily into its bad habits but I will never stop doing pilates, as, apart from the benefits previously mentioned, it reinforces good posture and efficient movement. I come out of each session feeling taller and more flexible. It is also great fun. Thank you , Heather and your team.
Kathy M, Olney – I have been a client of Olney Pilates Studio for several years and can honestly say that I haven’t look back since taking up Pilates. Following some fairly serious back issues a few years ago I have been attending a normal matwork class each week and also topping up with one to one sessions with Heather. I have always found the matwork classes beneficial but I have benefitted enormously from having sessions tailored to my specific needs. Over the last couple of years I have gained much needed strength and am virtually pain free most of the time. If you’ve never had a one to one lesson with your teacher, I would urge you to give it a try. The extra cost is worth it! You will learn so much about how to gain the most benefit from what you do in class. There is also the possibility, by having a session in the studio room, of discovering what the various pieces of equipment are and the benefit from exercising on them. A Pilates session using the Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair is quite a different experience from matwork and enables you to carry out extremely beneficial exercises with relative ease. It is also a lot of fun. For more information on one to one instruction or Studio room sessions, please speak to your class teacher or contact Heather
Doreen, Olney It’s almost a year now since my knee replacement surgery from which I recovered mobility very quickly.  I am convinced my recovery was greatly assisted by having attended your Pilates classes regularly.  Most of the exercises in my recovery program I was already familiar with from Pilates classes and therefore had no difficulty with.  This was confirmed by a positive report a month after surgery by my surgeon when he said “I am delighted to say she has progressed extraordinarily well …has dispensed with her crutches and is walking with a nice fluent gait.”  In February the last report by the Senior Physiotherapist says: “Doreen is generally active and regularly attends Pilates classes which have undoubtedly helped her recovery from her knee replacement”.   So a big thank you to you personally and also my Pilates teacher for your assistance with my recovery.  I will always be grateful…