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Who is it for?

BCP is suitable for all levels of fitness; it is non-competitive, the emphasis being on individual progress. Each body is different and the session is tailored to take each person into consideration, this is a very important aspect of the class. The exercises are safe enough to benefit those with back problems and challenging enough for athletes, sports people and dancers at any level. In the New Year 2014, we will also be starting dedicated specialist classes for Pre and Post Pregnancy women.

Pilates for Sport

At whatever level you play, Pilates is especially effective in building core stability, focus and injury prevention. Because of the way you work, even when injured you can keep working out to prevent healthy areas from atrophy and when ready Pilates is excellent for rehabilitation. The attention to detail on muscle recruitment changes bodies – for the better. For the sportsperson such as golfers or tennis players Pilates can be of enormous help when improving your technique at whatever level you play.

BCP Association

The Body Control Pilates Association is the professional body for Pilates teachers, all members work to a code of practice, which govern teaching standards, professional ethics and continuing education of its members. Under the code of practice no teacher can teach more than 12 participants in any one session, ensuring individual attention in a class situation. To qualify as a BCPA teacher each student attends 80 hours of tuition in Pilates theory, exercises and anatomy, followed by a three hour written exam, at the end of the formal tuition period each teacher then embarks on supervised teaching, typically this will be approximately 50 hours. You can be sure that any teacher qualified with BCP Teacher Training has an excellent understanding of the method. If you are considering Pilates, especially if you suffer with back problems as many of our clients do, PLEASE check your teacher’s qualifications. As with all fitness regimes there are ‘learn in a weekend’ courses and sadly Pilates is no exception.

For more information please visit the BCPA website