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All group classes have a maximum of 10 or 12 students (depending on the classroom). Classes last up to 75 minutes and include both freestanding and mat exercises. Where appropriate light weights are used to help strengthen muscles but not add bulk. Before joining a class, clients must either complete a ‘beginner block’ or 3 one-to-one sessions. Pilates is not something you can ‘drop into’, and understanding of the principles is essential to join a class currently running.



One-to-one or two-to-one sessions are available at Olney Pilates Studio. Prices vary depending on the teacher and their qualifications.


Classes cost £12 per person and are run termly . Payment may be made termly or half termly. Payment is required in full for each term due to the high demand for places. Although this makes the classes more expensive than other exercise classes, the small numbers ensure that you will be getting individual attention for your personal needs. This is what makes these classes effective, the emphasis is on you working correctly not watching your instructor working out up at the front while you try to keep up! See Prices for further details.

Swap Board

Olney Pilates Studio also runs a ‘Swap Board’ system. If you are unable to make a class it may be possible for you to ‘swap’ your class with another client so that you do not miss out on your paid session. This may mean that your class is with a different teacher.



The Olney Pilates Studio has become quite a holistic centre! We now have the following classes available: Yoga, Alexander Technique, Tai Chi and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. If you are interested in any of these classes, please see Timetables for class detail. You can contact the following teachers via the Olney Pilates Studio:

Yoga ( Linda Wheatley 01234 721342/ 07876 461541
Massage Therapist Tanya James 07887 534508
Alexander Technique Roy Palmer 01234 708777
Tai Chi Chris Butcher 07886 894922
Cognitive Hypnotherapy Lucy Stratford 07774 626293