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I have now reached Advanced Level in all my training and since 2004 have been a Supervising Teacher for Body Control. This means I mentor trainee teachers, which I love as it reminds me of my role as a professional tutor in my education days.

In addition, I have trained on all the large pieces of Pilates equipment. I have found it to be so worthwhile as it really enhances understanding of Pilates and ‘the body’ and really allows my clients to get amazing results.

Heather Claridge

07818 441691/

Heather Claridge owns and runs Olney Pilates Studio. She has been a qualified Body Control Pilates Teacher since 2001. She explains how she got drawn into Pilates…

I started as a P.E. teacher in the early 70’s and by the early 80’s started to teach in a Special School. I never thought of any other career until I found Pilates!

I came across Pilates in 1998 by reading an article by Body Control Pilates in the Daily Telegraph and it took me back to my P.E roots as a teacher, regarding posture, alignment, kiniesiology and it just made sense. I took it up as a hobby, travelling to London at weekends for workshops with Body Control and I was hooked! At the time I was a Deputy Head of a Special School and also was lecturing in Special Needs. After much deliberation I decided to ‘up’ my lecturing, leave my job as Deputy Head and follow my passion and train as a Body Control Pilates teacher. I qualified in January 2001 and after a year dropped my lecturing to concentrate on Pilates.

This has been the best decision I have ever made. Improving the quality of peoples lives and seeing clients grow stronger is an amazing feeling.




Angie Row

07808 164727/

I caught the Pilates bug after borrowing a friends Body Control exercise video in 2001.  I remember being really surprised at how hard these little movements were when you slow down and take the time to do them right.  I went on to undertake ballet and contemporary dance training with Bodywork Dance Company in Cambridge.  Pilates was a daily part of my training routine.  One baby and six years of sitting at a desk later, I began regular Pilates classes with Heather, caught the bug again and started my teacher training in London with Body Control.  I have been teaching since January 2009 and loves helping clients to create better movement habits to use everyday.


Jane Robins

Telephone 07967 387018/

I have taught Hatha Yoga for more than 30 years with a special interest in breathing and relaxation techniques, muscle imbalances and posture. My interest in health and wellbeing encouraged me to gain qualifications in complimentary therapies: Body massage, aromatherapy and becoming a practitioner of the Bowen Technique and Fascia Bowen. This path has lead to my fascination with Pilates and I have been a Body Control Pilates teacher for 8 years, also qualifying as a Back4Good® practitioner and a BackCare professional.

Donna Robinson

Telephone 07720 717092/

I started in the fitness industry in my early 20s and became a fitness instructor working in a health farm. I then went on to train as a sports therapist doing sports massage. Heather introduced me to Pilates and I became a regular client. I also found that Pilates was unique to any other exercise class that I had done and that is what inspired me to train to become a qualified Pilates teacher seven years ago!”



Jane Dann

Telephone 07947 012678/

I qualified with Body Control Pilates and taught for several years in the Bedford area. Following two operations on my back I had a break from teaching but am now coming back. So for those of you who have come to us with back problems, I totally understand what that can be like

Vicky Betts

07779 110475/

Originally trained as a secondary teacher, I am a mother of 3 who has been practicing Pilates for best part of 20 years. I started Pilates because I loved exercise, but repeatedly suffered from a painful back. Pilates made such a profound difference to my life (reducing pain levels and making me feel strong, supple and with a sense of well-being ) that when I had my 2nd child I decided to train to become a Pilates teacher.

That was a decade ago and I have been teaching ever since. My training at The Michael King Pilates Institute in London has enabled me to share the fabulous benefits of Pilates with many people from all walks of life – and I have had experience of working with the young, old, able-bodied and injured not to mention helping many women through their pregnancy and post-natal recovery. Having recently moved to Northamptonshire, I have left behind my work in London and Hertfordshire. I welcome the opportunity to meet new faces and new bodies as I continue to practice and learn through this wonderful discipline.


Claire McCarthy

07801 587611/

After over 20 years of lying on a mat as a Pilates client, I decided that it was time to see what Pilates was like standing up, so I qualified as a Pilates teacher in 2015. My children call me the Pilates bore as no matter what the ailment, my answer is Pilates. My particular interests are ‘special populations’ including, neurological conditions, osteoporosis and pre and post natal exercise. I like to think of my classes as tough with just a hint of mercy, we even sweat sometimes!